"...impressive musical expression and exceptional team work..."

( Concert for 20th anniversary of the "Vafopoylion Arts Center" Greece, February 2014 )

"...technical perfection of the soloists...harp,oboe and violin in a rare constellation which offered the audience unknown musical experiences..."    
( Megaron Thessaloniki, Greece, March 2014 )
"...Sous la direction attentive et chaleureuse d'Amaury du Closel, les treize musiciens de l'ensemble Orpheus Soloists servent Menotti et Poulenc avec  un egal bonheur..."
(Opera Magazine, Centre Lyrique Clermont-Auvergne May '2014)
"...Orpheus Soloists...a chamber ensemble that since its first performances won the respect of the friends of music..."
( Festival "Dimitria" Greece, October 2014 )
"...Orpheus Soloists triumph in Paris..."
(Theatre des Sablones, Neuilly, Paris, November 2014)

"...flawless coordination and timing, beautiful sound, good balance and dialogue between the instruments are very strong elements of this ensemble..." 

"... with beautiful colors and an extensive range of dynamics, the ensemble mastered  to articulate its phrase with sensitivity, bringing out clearly the structure of the work  ..."